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Students can now complete the new General Application for the 2023-2024 aid year in UB’s Scholarship Portal!

UB’s Scholarship Portal is a smart shortcut to apply for campus philanthropic scholarships. Log in and complete the General Application annually to be considered for multiple opportunities. UB’s Scholarship Portal helps to streamline your search for scholarships across campus. Please visit: Financial Aid – Scholarships and check your departmental web site for additional scholarship information.

All currently enrolled students may sign into UB’s Scholarship Portal with your UBIT credentials. Your first step is to complete a General Application. Your responses may prompt a request for you to complete a Conditional Application or additional scholarship specific questions. Follow your personalized red action prompts on your dashboard and check back on your application status regularly. If you are selected as a scholarship recipient, you will receive an email from ubscholarships@buffalo.edu. This email will provide you the steps you will need to take for the scholarship to be finalized. All email notifications will be sent to your buffalo.edu email account – please make sure to check your email on a regular basis.

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Award amounts published are for general information – actual amounts may vary.

Opportunities are scholarships accepting applications.

Recommended Opportunities match with your application responses or HUB credentials, so explore those first and consider answering the supplemental questions. You may apply for any opportunity if you meet the basic qualifications.

Action options are “none” (students are automatically considered if qualified) or “apply” (you need to answer supplemental questions to be considered).

Deadlines are 11:59 PM on the posted date. All application materials, including reference letters must be submitted on time to be considered.

Qualifying for a scholarship is not a guarantee of funding. Even if not specifically stated, scholarships are typically reserved for students in good academic standing who are also making satisfactory progress towards a degree. International students can apply for all scholarship opportunities except where noted.

Questions can be referred to ubscholarships@buffalo.edu.

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
up to $2,000 D. Richard Ferguson Memorial Student Endowment Scholarship
Established in honor of electric engineering alumnus, D. Richard...
up to $2,000 David M. Benenson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 2002 by Lydia K. Benenson, Kathleen A. Ratcliffe and...
Up to $2000 Donna M. Taylor Computer Science Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship
Established in 2019 by Andrew Gallatin and Jenise Swall in honor of...
up to $1,000 Dr. Steven Tsengas Scholarship Fund
Established in 2018 by Dr. Steven Tsengas BS’60 to provide undergraduate...
Varies Drury/Thomas Scholarship
Established by Drs. Robert E., MS ‘76 & PhD ’84, and Grace M. Barnes, MA...
up to $2,000 Engineering Fellowship and Scholarship Fund
To provide scholarships for deserving undergraduate and graduate...
up to $2,000 Frederick H. Thomas Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1982 by Mrs. Patricia T. Thomas. Must be an industrial...
up to $2,000 George Norton SEAS Scholarship Fund
Established in 2011 by the last will and testament of George H. Norton,...
up to $1,500 Gina Bronkie Hammond Computer Science Scholarship Fund
Gina Bronkie Hammond established this fund in 2013. Must be admitted...
up to $2,500 Grace Lee Dean's Scholarship Fund
Established in 2014 by SUNY Distinguished Professor Dr. George C. Lee...
up to $1,000 Gregory B. Jarvis Scholarship Fund
Established in 1986 by Mrs. Marcia Jarvis and Moog Controls, Inc., in...
up to $2,000 Issac Waugh Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1965 by Frieda Waugh. Must be a worthy student pursuing...
up to $3,000 Karwan/Thomas Industrial Eng. Undergraduate Scholarship Fund
Established in 2001 by Robert F. Hanley, in order to recognize the two...
$3,500 Keith F. Safian Industrial and Systems Engineering Scholarship
Established in 2022 by Keith F. Safian to support an undergraduate...
up to $5000 Lawrence M. and Caroline Ursitti Gentile Family Fund
Established in 2000 by Lawrence C. and Renata C. Gentile, in honor of...
up to $2,000 Matthew Grappone Scholarship Fund
Established in 2003 by friends and family of Matthew Grappone. Must be...
up to $1,500 Professor Charles M. Fogel Scholarship Fund
Established in 2015 by Bernice Y. Fogel, EDB ’46 in honor of her late...
$1,600 Professor Edward P. Furlani Scholarship
Established in 2019 by Karen Furlani to honor her late husband and...
up to $1250 Robert B. Kleinschmidt Memorial Fund
Established in 1959 by friends of Robert Kleinschmidt. Must be pursuing...
$4,750 Terry Spencer Leadership Scholarship
Established in 2021 by Whiting-Turner Contracting Company in memory of...
up to $1500 Thomas and Marianne Weber Family Scholarship
Established in 2018 by Dr. Thomas W. Weber. Must be an undergraduate...
up to $3,000 Yong H. Lee Scholarship Fund
Established in 1999 by the family of Yong H. Lee and its descendants. ...
Varies Marilyn Morris Excellence in Pharmaceutical Sciences Fund
Must be a graduate or PhD. student in the School of Pharmacy and...
Varies Anne Brody Scholarship Fund
Established in 2001 by friends, colleagues and family of Anne and Harold...
Varies Sadie Rayner Altman Scholarship
The Buffalo Federation of Women’s Clubs established this fund in 1939....
Up to $1,500 Arnold Family Scholarship for Women in Science and Technology
Established by Ronald Arnold, BS ’81 and Marie Arnold in 2023. Must be...
Varies Felix Infausto Scholarship
Established in 2003 by Clara G. Infausto to pay tribute to her late...
Varies Mary Ann Bagus Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 1989 by Mary Ann Bagus ’70. Must be a matriculated...
Varies Baldassare (Sonny) Cino Scholarship
Established through the charitable trust of the late Samuel F. Cino,...
Varies Harumi Ikezaki Scholarship Fund
Established by Ms. Harumi Ikezaki, BA ’88 in 2018. Must be an...
approx $250 A.F.R.O.T.C. Scholarship Fund
Established in 1953 by the Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. ...
$50 A.G. Marcus Meads Memorial Scholarship
Established in 1948 by Hutchinson Central Technical High School. Must be...
Varies Aetna Life & Casualty Foundation Scholarship Grant
Supplements existing federal, state, college and other sources of...
Varies Albert and Henrietta Ziegele, Jr. Scholarship
Established in 1971 by Irene Krull, students must be in good academic...
Varies American Society For Metals Scholarship Fund
Established in 1956 by the Buffalo Chapter of the American Society for...
Varies Barbara and Enrique Tejerina Scholarship Fund
Established by Enrique Tejerina, BS ’76 and Barbara (née Schulz)...
Varies Beulah Hunter Temple Memorial Fund
Must be a graduate of Lafayette High School or Hutchinson Central...
Varies BlueCross BlueShield Scholarship Fund
Established in 2008 by BlueCross BlueShield of WNY. Must be a newly...
up to $100 Board Of Managers Senior Scholarship
Established in 1940 by the Board of Managers of Norton Hall. Must be a...
Varies Buffalo News Scholars
Must be a junior or senior majoring in journalism or newspaper management.
Varies Buffalo Public Schools Scholarship
Established in 2008. Must be a newly-admitted freshmen from the Buffalo...
Varies Buffalo Section Of The American Society Of Civil Engineers
Established in 1958 by the Buffalo Section of the American Society of...
Varies Centennial Campaign Scholarship
Established in 1947 by contributors to the Centennial Fund. Must be an...
Varies Charles G. Duffy Scholarship
Established in 1928 by Charles G. Duffy. Must be an undergraduate with...
up to $2,000 Charles S. and Myra Jacobowitz Scholarship Fund
Family and friends of Charles S. Jacobowitz established these...
Varies Cheryl D. Van Marter-Alm Memorial Scholarship Fund
Must be an undergraduate residing on campus, with preference to those...
Varies Clement & Margot Ip STEM Scholarship
Established by Clement and Margot Ip. Must be an economically...
Varies Dawn Paretto Hawley and Robert C. Hawley Family Scholarship
Established in 2020 by Ms. Dawn Paretto Hawley, MBA ’84, BS ’76 and...
Varies Dr. Anna M. Reinstein Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 1951. Must be a medical student in the Jacobs School of...
Varies Dr. Judith A. Sutin Undergraduate Student Support Fund
Dr. Judith A. Sutin, Clinical Assistant Professor Emeritus created this...