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Welcome to the University at Buffalo’s scholarship portal! This searchable database will make it easy to seek out and apply for scholarships, recommending opportunities which best fit your General Application responses and student profile.

This site is not being publicized since it is not open to all UB students during the pilot phase while we test a sample of funds and functions. When fully operational, hundreds of scholarships funded by University at Buffalo alumni and friends will be accepting applications, but until then, please search and apply for scholarships through your departmental website.

If you are a student who has been invited to apply by the UB Office of Financial Aid, your academic area or the Study Abroad Office, please proceed to the General Application, and complete the actions prompted by the system, to apply for active scholarship opportunities you may qualify for. The basics you need to know to get started are listed here. If you were not invited, but if you are a UB student, you can sign on, complete a General Application and browse the system. Come back at the beginning of each term to view new opportunities we have added.

Deadline: This is when a completed General Application, any Supplemental Application, individual scholarship questions and reference letters are due in order to be considered for a scholarship opportunity.

Award: Amounts stated are for general information and are not a guarantee of what you may receive, if selected. Actual scholarship amounts may vary based on recipient eligibility, available funds, and other factors.

Actions: Once you complete and submit the General Application and any Supplemental Applications, you will be automatically matched with individual scholarships.If a scholarship indicates “None” under “Action,” you will automatically be considered by the review committee. If you see “Apply” under “Action” you need to answer supplemental questions and/or provide a reference letter to be considered. You will see your summary of “Recommended Opportunities” under the Opportunities tab.

Note: Qualifying for a scholarship does not guarantee you will receive a scholarship. Even if not specified in the criteria, scholarships are typically reserved for students in good academic standing who are also making satisfactory progress towards a degree.


Keyword searches: For best results, limit to one word or phrase (ex. political science). Do not use comma separators or unrelated strings (ex. math, physics; arts and sciences political science).

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