Dr. John Zahorjan Student Scholarship Fund

Established in 2000 by the son of former faculty member, Dr. John Zahorjan. Must be pursuing or planning to pursue a master’s degree in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering with a focus on production management and a strong inclination to apply academic lessons to professional practice. Preference to students in the engineering management concentration. Must demonstrate financial need; domestic students complete the FAFSA and international students submit a financial need statement in the general application.

Dr. John Zahorjan, PhD ’74
Financial Need, Industrial and Systems Engineering, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, SEAS Graduate Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your regular course load? How many courses do you take in the semester?
  2. What is your graduation target date? Explain how committed you are to finish your degree by that date. Detail your plan.
  3. How likely would this scholarship help you graduate without having to pause your master's program? Explain
  4. How likely are you to serve as an Engineering Management ambassador? Or willing to provide a testimonial for the engineering management program? Or are you willing to participate in one of the webinars for prospective students or current students who are getting started in their program?