Gender Institute and Experiential Learning Network Undergraduate Scholarship (State/IFR)

The Gender Institute and the Experiential Learning Network awards two scholarships to UB undergraduate students. One $500 award for undergraduates conducting research related to women, gender and/or sexuality, and another $500 award for a community-based project with a gender and/or sexuality focus.

Projects can be individual or collaborative. Open to undergraduates in all schools and departments.

Criteria of Evaluation:
1. Applicants must show a commitment to issues related to gender and/or sexuality
2. Applicants must show evidence of academic excellence
3. Priority is given to applicants with a well-articulated project and research goals
4. Review committee places importance on the letter of recommendation.

Gender Institute
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you working on a research project toward publication or an honors thesis?
  2. Are you an art or media study student working on gender and/or sexuality and you need resources for an art project or senior project?
  3. Are you interested in organizing a community event that would address gender, and/or LBGTQ issues?
  4. Are you working on a research project that requires travel funds for fieldwork, interviews, research in historical archives?
  5. Please provide a statement of research interests, accomplishments, and career goals. (500 word maximum)
  6. Please provide a description of the specific research or community project for which you are seeking support. If you are a visual studies student, please also include a portfolio of 5 images of your work. (500 word maximum)
  7. Provide a four page (double-spaced) application statement, including: description of the dissertation, its intellectual contributions, plans for the fellowship year, and a timetable for completion.
  8. Upload your unofficial transcript from the University at Buffalo and any previous colleges attended.
  9. RESUME OR CV REQUIRED: Please upload a copy.
  10. Reference Request - Faculty
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