D. B. Johnstone International Student Dissertation Research Travel Fund

The D. Bruce Johnstone International Student Dissertation Research Travel Fund (the “Johnstone International Dissertation Fund”), created and endowed by Dr. D. Bruce Johnstone as the State University of New York Distinguished Service Professor of Higher and Comparative Education, is intended to provide qualified doctoral students with financial support to help alleviate travel related expenses during the process of completing their dissertation research in their home countries and/or in other countries outside of the United States. The selected students are expected to pursue innovative and significant research on global and comparative educational topics.

Graduate School of Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe the purpose of the research, the methodology, and the need for international travel to your home country and/or other countries outside the United States.
  2. Recommendation letter from Dissertation Committee Chairperson.
  3. Upload a plan for your international travel to include tentative dates, places to visit, data to be collected in those places, and evidence that the data can be collected (such evidence to include, e.g., letters of permission from schools, or universities)
  4. Upload a travel budget, including approximate ticket prices.