Evelyn Rumsey Lord Fund - Part 1

The purpose of the Rumsey Award is to provide funding for summer travel to students who wish to further develop their artistic practice. Funding is awarded each year to a student of Sophomore or higher academic level who will be returning for the full 2023 – 24 academic school year. Applicants must participate in a competitive exhibition, from which the Department of Art faculty will select an award winner based on the quality of both the exhibited sample work and the accompanying written travel proposal. Award recipients are required to showcase the work resulting from their summer study in the 2024 follow-up Rumsey exhibition – If the objective of the proposal is not fulfilled, the recipient will be required to return the award.

Applicant must be a sophomore or junior-level BA or BFA Art major with a department GPA of 2.5 or higher. Fourth-year students who have junior-standing in the Art program due to a change in majors are also considered eligible. Applicants must return for a two-semester junior or senior year. The Art Advisor will verify the eligibility of each applicant.

Faculty Mentor
Students must select a Department of Art Faculty member as their mentor for the Rumsey application and exhibition process.

The Rumsey Award is processed through two applications in the UB Scholarship Portal.
This is the initial application, for indicating interest in participating in the coming exhibition and award cycle. To submit your portfolio and travel proposal/budget please ensure you complete part 2.

E-mail Mark Snyder (marksnyd@buffalo.edu)

College of Arts & Sciences, Art
Supplemental Questions
  1. Rumsey Questions
    • I understand due to the uncertainty regarding the current COVID-19 situation, we anticipate that some or all of the Rumsey competition show may need to be offered remotely. By selecting "yes" I certify that I understand that if the show must take place remotely my exhibition requirements may alter from their original plans.
    • I understand gallery space is limited by the number of applicants involved in this exhibition.
    • I understand I am responsible for any special installation requirements.
    • I understand it is my responsibility to supply any additional equipment necessary for the exhibition of my work.
    • I understand scholarship recipients are required to participate in the follow-up exhibition next academic year at UB Art Galleries to showcase the work resulting from their summer study.
    • I understand that I must submit a travel proposal and budget prior to the exhibition.
    • I understand that the Department of Art is not responsible for any artwork that is not removed at the close of the exhibit.
    • I understand this application, if approved, is a commitment to an exhibition of works or submission of a paper to the 2020 Rumsey Scholarship Competition.
  2. ART Mentor Information Request