Matthew Scarpati

On July 20, 2009 evening, Matthew Scarpati, of Dix Hills, was on the Wantagh Bike Path cycling. Matt had just turned 19, had finished his first year at the University at Buffalo, had a great summer job and a Brooks Brothers suit for the upcoming interviews for internships. He had a plan for his life, when he was struck and killed by a drunk and speeding motorcyclist. His parents, Lynn and James Scarpati, decided to endow a scholarship fund in his name.

Matt, the youngest of four boys, had mapped out his academic curriculum after Christmas dinner 2008 with his oldest brother, with a plan to major in economics. This fund is a living legacy to be carried on by the succession of economic students, aspiring to contribute to the world as Matthew did. The scholarships provided to students majoring in Economics, leave an opportunity for others to accomplish what Matt was prevented from doing himself.