Loyal Blues Emergency Fund Donors

Loyal Blues Emergency Fund Donors

Loyal Blues value community. Day in and day out, UB faculty prepare students to step boldly into the world, eager to make it a better place for all of us. Students—who come from around the world and from varying backgrounds—are the lifeblood of the UB community. As such, Loyal Blues, donors who give annually to UB, are committed to supporting students.

UB alumni and friends asked how they could help UB students and the Western New York community. In response to these inquiries, the university created emergency funds that allowed alumni and friends from all over the world to help some of UB’s most vulnerable students and provide emergency resources during the most challenging times.

Even though we are apart, we are still a community. We are #UBuffalo Strong. We are family. We are bold.

What it means to be a Loyal Blue: http://www.buffalo.edu/campaign/impact/loyal-blue.html