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Gustin L Reichbach, BA '67

After majoring in political science at UB, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Gustin Reichbach graduated from Columbia Law School. He was active on the Columbia campus during anti-Vietnam War protests, which led to a two-year delay in his admission to the New York State Bar. As a private lawyer, Reichbach won a landmark case that opened loft spaces in New York City for legal residence. He was elected to the Civil Court of the City of New York in 1990 and to the New York State Supreme Court in 1998. In 2003-04, he was an international judge for the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, presiding over war crime cases growing out of the Balkans Wars of the 1990s.

The Gustin L. Reichbach Memorial Endowment Fund was established by Reichbach’s UB Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity-bother Paul Nussbaum, BA ‘67, founder and CEO of Patriot American Hospitality, and founder and CEO of Waramaug Hospitality, as well as other donors, to honor Reichbach after his death in 2012.