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Beth Cheshire Moran, BS '86

The Beth Cheshire Moran Award was established by Theodore Moran, BS EE ’86, Thomas Cheshire, AAS ’57, and Nancy Cheshire; honoring the late Beth Cheshire Moran, BS CS ’86; awarded to CSE undergraduate students, with preference to those of strong personal character currently dealing with or have overcome some adversity in their lives.

Ted and Beth had been together from high school, through their undergraduate study at UB, where he majored electrical engineering and she majored computer science and engineering, and then in graduate study at Johns Hopkins. Beth Cheshire Moran completed her master’s degree in computer science from Johns Hopkins in 1991.

An avid soccer player until illness slowed her, she was a software engineer for Westinghouse Electronic Systems Group in Baltimore, MD, for seven years. She also served as the Maryland state coordinator for the Interstitial Cystitis Association.