Gender Institute and Experiential Learning Network Undergraduate Scholarship (State/IFR)

The Gender Institute and the Experiential Learning Network awards two scholarships to UB undergraduate students. One $500 award for undergraduates conducting research related to women, gender and/or sexuality, and another $500 award for a community-based project with a gender and/or sexuality focus.

Projects can be individual or collaborative. Open to undergraduates in all schools and departments.

The winner(s) will be expected to submit their project(s) for the Celebration of Academic Excellence in April 2022. They are urged to apply for CURCA funding as well.

Criteria of Evaluation:
1. Applicants must show a commitment to issues related to gender and/or sexuality
2. Applicants must show evidence of academic excellence
3. Priority is given to applicants with a well-articulated project and research goals
4. Review committee places importance on the letter of recommendation.

Gender Institute
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you working on a research project toward publication or an honors thesis?
  2. Are you an art or media study student working on gender and/or sexuality and you need resources for an art project or senior project?
  3. Are you interested in organizing a community event that would address gender, and/or LBGTQ issues?
  4. Are you working on a research project that requires travel funds for fieldwork, interviews, research in historical archives?
  5. Please provide a statement of research interests, accomplishments, and career goals. (500 word maximum)
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